Mar 23, 2017 | editorial design

Client: Sloyu
Order: Branding

Mindfulness training has become the epicenter of the Sloyu brand. The complete attention of the actions carried out by oneself and the connection with the inner self are the key aspects in the contents of the activities carried out by the organization. The goal they wanted was to create a brand identity that would give peace and inner peace. This objective is reinforced with the close, natural and positive character, the owners of this company.

Create a serious and professional corporate identity representing Sloyu values ​​built on the principles of balance and relaxation.
Design a compact and differential story line to detach from the competition.
Working with a freedom of content that expanded our possibilities.

More details on “Sloyu”:
In fixing the objectives we devise proposals to represent this balance. We begin to work from the tightrope walker idea, of certain human positions that also transmit balance and of the ideal of the bird on an electrical wiring. This last idea captivated them and from there we found the bird that represented them, it was the bee-eater. This bird was very special for our customers and they felt very identified. This union was perfect for us to finish defining the chromatic range of our corporate identity. We took the chromatic range of this bird to define the different areas of work of Sloyu. Sloyu works mainly with 4 areas: families, businesses, education and personal well-being, so we took four shades of bee-eater for each area of ​​work. Actually, our clients were delighted with the idea of ​​the bird and the fact of finding one that felt totally identified ended up helping us to close their identity.

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