Informe Cotec 2017

Finalist for the contest for the design, layout and production for the printing version of the
Infome Cotec 2017.
Our proposal was created based on three concepts: materiality, sustainability and innovation. Materiality because we wanted to beef up the idea that Informe Cotec 2017 is a solid and special object but also dynamic because materiality always evolves.
We wanted to display the various elements of the book, using all the draw attention to the book as an object. The object book was completed with two ideas: book + box. So, because of this we designed the cover of the book as a box and we used one of the elements of the brand to construct the closing of this box.
We wanted to use recycled materials and papers and print it using biodegradable inks. These inks are made of vegetable base to improve the environmental impact and the sustainability. The technological and innovation concept can can be seen throughout the proposal: the closing, inks, format and development of the book.