El Aleph editores

Redesign of the brand El Aleph editors and branding for its new editorial collection. Selection of the corporate typographies, colors, hierarchies and guidelines of the cover design collection. Branding book for the correct implementation of it corporative design. Project created in collaboration with Bego Berruezo.

The fronts of the covers work with a corporate horizontal bar system. The first two bars will always be black and will contain the author’s name. The following bars will vary in color, depending on the photograph or background illustration, and will be used to write the title of the work. This typographic composition will always remain together and at the right side of the cover, but may move up or down as appropriate.

The horizontal bars come from the El Aleph Editores brand, one of each package (name of the author and title) will always finish in diagonal. This diagonal closes the cover and the back. It starts from the back and dyes the whole back cover with the color chosen by the title bars.