De l’alta cuina a casa – David Andrés’s cookbook

David Andrés, Head Chef of the restaurant ABaC from Barcelona, is considered the best young chef of the country (Spain) and has been awarded with three stars in the Michelin guide.

Dandèlia had the opportunity of designing the book and layout of David Andrés’s cookbook: De l’alta cuina a casa, edited in Catalan by Columna Edicions, and in Spanish by Planeta. A book of sixty seasonal recipes.

All the recipes, with all the photographs by Albert Armengol, are classified according to the four seasons of the year. Each season starts with a special menu from one of the best chefs of the country (Spain), all of them being David’s mentors at some point of his early life: Andoni Luis Aduriz, Xavier Pellicer, Jordi Cruz, Joan Roca and Jean Louis Neichel.

The book starts with an introduction about the early and fast career of the young chef. It explains his everyday life and how important is the role of his family in it. We are able to see through his daily life and experiences.

When David was a Hockey player, he always looked for a way to set himself apart from the others, and that was through his boots, he personalized them. That said, when he started working in a kitchen, and knowing that he also had to wear a uniform like the rest of the team, he did the same. That is why he always wears the same green and yellow shoes. Both these sneakers and his car are things that make him unique, so we portrayed them in the inside cover pages.

The structure of the book follows the seasonal cuisine, so it is divided according the four seasons. Each one of them starts with a photo of David with one of his mentors. Then this chef introduces the season with his own menu before David’s menus are shown.