Compta amb mi

Dandèlia immerses itself in the world of poetry.

Editorial design and layout of Compta amb mi, second volume of a poetic anthology targeted to young people, Jaume Subirana makes a compilation of 32 poems about friendship, written by different authors.

Published by Columna Edicions in Catalan in 2018.

The purpose was clear: to make young people delve into poetry in a different way. More visual and more daring or interesting. The visual interpretation of what we read has an impact on us, to get this impact to be positive, each poem had its graphics designed individually and in detail, following a graphic code.

With only two spot colors, and making use of their possible nuances, the book was designed according to the emotions transmitted by each poem.

We also worked on the retouching and direction of photography. We looked for the images that showed most clearly the theme and essence of each poem so that, one it was read, that graphic interpretation was well understood.