Biblioteca de bienestar y crecimiento personal

This past spring El País started a collectible of 12 books prescribed by Elsa Punset. It is a bibliographic compilation on welfare and personal growth where the writer recommends and guides the reader to get the most out of these readings. Each book is accompanied by a reading guide where Elsa Punset accompanies the reader with a review of the actual book, an interview with the author, highlighted phrases and points to stand out on each subject.

Dandèlia collaborated with this project developing the design of the collection of books and the art direction; also the graphic design, the layout and the photographic treatment of the reading guides. Edited by Rosa Maria Prats.

Three combinations of two color tones were chosen to design each reading book, so every three numbers we started the color combination again, it is a collection but at the same time it is dynamic and fresh. The photographs have a pencil drawing effect. Most of them are shown in black and white although some take one of the tones of the book itself.

The collection is designed following very specific parameters: bleeds in photography, typography with sufficiently large serif, titles of the library below (may be in white or black) and the number of the collection book at the top. The same photograph is used for the cover of the book and its reading guide, the only difference is that on the cover of the book the photo is in color and the title in black and in the reading guide the photo is black and white and the title with one of the colors of the corresponding combination.