2BMFG Arquitectes

Dandèlia designs the new corporate identity of 2BMFG Arquitectes, an architecture studio formed by 5 partners with a long professional career. More than 30 years dedicated to the world of new construction, structural and functional rehabilitation, intervention in the architectural heritage and consultancy of structures. 2BMFG is a studio located in Barcelona but with a global and international vision.

To redesign the 2BMFG brand, we started from what differentiates them from the rest of architecture studios: the partners and their long and prolific career. From there, and taking into account the difficulty of the name, we worked out a logotype, a symbol and a graphic language.

We opted for the yellow color because it passes on basic intangible concepts within the world of architecture: light, transparency, reflection, life … and allows greater visibility, differentiation and distinction.


The initial letters of 2BMFG belong to the last names of the five partners. The number 2 is because there are two Buxadé, and then we continue with Margarit, Ferrando and Gelpí. Designed to give order and clarity to the initials of the brand, so that they are identifiable and easy to remember. It comes from the concept of crosswords and represents the sum of the five partners.


The symbol is made with the ideas of dynamism and power. It is a polygon of five vertices that symbolizes the five partners: the five different visions and the diversity of their possible results. The polygon of five vertices is formed from a grid of 14 x 8 squares where each vertex fits. The result is a great variety of polygons symbolizing the diversity and the multiple visions and abilities of its partners and teams. Therefore, in this case there is not a single symbol but many of them, it always varies maintaining five vertices.


The graphic code arises from the union and superposition of the polygons formed from the grid of the brand. These multiply and generate color changes creating different reflections and depths.