Jun 13, 2017 | Sin categoría

Client: Malondra magatzem agrícola 

Order: Corporate identity of Malondramagatzem agrícola .

Briefing: Malondra is the name of an agricultural warehouse with great tradition located in the center of Mallorca. Its main activity is the purchase and sale of almonds and carob trees, nuts of great prestige in the islands. This brand identity emphasizes its link with the Mediterranean.

– Creation of a typographic brand.
– Choose an organic typeface to relate the brand to nature.
– Establish a graphic code closely related to the company.
– Project printed with FSC certified paper reinforcing the commitment to the environment.

More details:
Concern about the world in which we live and the actions we take individually to avoid their deterioration have increased in the last decade. Awareness on this issue has multiplied and is stricter than it was years ago. That is why companies in the primary sector like Malondra magatzem agrícola have a value in essence very important. They are the basis of the chain and it is important to strengthen its task. Dandelia has strengthened the natural values of the business to develop a very striking and powerful graphics.

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