May 9, 2017 | editorial design

Client: Destino Publishing in Spanish version and Column Publishing in Catalan.
Order: Illustration, graphic design and layout of the book “El libro de las pequeñas revoluciones” written by Elsa Punset
Characteristics of the project: Book of 16,5x23,5 printed in 1 ink.

The author’s idea in writing this book was to change people’s habits, habits and ways of acting. Always thinking about the reader, the revolutions of which the title speaks correspond to 250 short routines to improve the day to day of the person. Although the author was clear about the idea, structuring it and putting it on a piece of paper was more complicated than it seemed. Its objective was to do it with an easy, practical, fun and direct language to avoid the disconnection of the reader. On the other hand I wanted to make the manual type book so I could interact at any time. From Dandelia we had to design the inside of the book working side by side with the author and the team. All the effort and work served to create a dynamic book in which the reader could easily find the routine he needed at any time. It is a manual where there are many activities for the reader from an innovative and clear design.

-Graphic design and layout of the book’s guts
-Dynamic and interactive illustrations of the book’s guts
-Attractive design so that the reader can open the book by any page and at any time

More details:
Sometimes we worry about things that have negative repercussions for us. Instead, we do not worry, we do not take care of what we would have to take care of our body and our health. The author proposes to make routine changes for such to modify / improve your way of living and seeing things. With only small details we can combat many activities of the environment. This book opens the way for us to change these harmful habits and live better!


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