Jun 28, 2017 | Sin categoría

We live in a context in which visual communication is the key to success. Digitization causes the contents to be adapted to different media visually. That’s why the infographics are an important part of our work. But what is an infographic?

Simple, an infographic consists of combining visual and graphic elements to facilitate the transmission of a message and its interpretation.

The editorial design, fundamental pillar in Dandelia, nourishes of this practice changing the style of the publications. A dense text does not seduce, does not attract attention and does not invite reading. Instead, a visual appearance brings the reader closer and helps understanding. Many of us have stopped reading a news of apparent interest by the simple fact of the arrangement of the elements. And is that, although the content is rich, it can lose strength if we do not use infographics in the design of this.

These infographics can appear with different faces. There are charts, maps, tables, diagrams … And to design them in an optical and remarkable way you have to synthesize the information to select those aspects that should be highlighted in this one.

Therefore, infographics help conceive the message with the naked eye, synthesize information, highlight important concepts, provide visual strength and interact with the reader.

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