May 30, 2017 | Sin categoría

It is a term known to most of us but with scattered definitions. Many people have an erroneous idea of ​​this term and, in this post, we want to briefly comment on this concept.

The term graphic design refers to the creative and technical activity to transmit ideas and messages through images. That is why graphic design is also known as “visual communication“. The fields in which this practice can be applied are extensive and varied, since for example; we can use it in advertising design, corporate identity, signage, among other areas.

For the execution of this type of design it is essential to have an extensive knowledge of computer programs. The purpose of these is to modify images or to create them virtually for real application later.

And many people, companies and institutions may think: what does graphic design contribute to me and/or society?
The answer is clear. Graphic design has several practical applications in the development of society. In the first place, it has the responsibility of producing messages that contribute positively to the society. It helps a more useful and fruitful communication through images that simplify language. On the other hand, there may be problems of the medium that can be solved with visual communication, designed by a graphic designer. Moreover, in a capitalist world, where the power of money moves everything, the important thing is to sell. And given the competition that we find in our closest environment, we need graphic design to seduce, communicate and love.

Therefore, graphic design has professional applications but in turn, changes our habits and our day to day in an intense but subtle way.

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