Mar 20, 2017 | editorial design

Client: GG publishing in Spanish version. DIY Collection.
Order: Layout and editorial design of the book “Cómo crear y gestionar tu proyecto craft”
Characteristics of the book: 15 x 21 cm printed in two inks.

The author of the book presented a challenge: How could we make such a long and dense text shorter? Its objective was to make the first bible of the craft business sector but in a way to mesmerize her audience.

Create an orderly and attractive editorial design reinforced with quotes and icons of the illustration itself. Distribute the chapters and design them to highlight the importance of each of them without losing the thread of the illustration. Incorporate schemes and examples highlighted with red ink to impact the viewer and draw their attention to key aspects. After evaluating different options we decided to print the book in two inks, one red, for highlighting important points and aspects, and the other black for the text. This combination breaks with a standard model. On the other hand, between paragraphs, progressive quotes are incorporated from authors to give the reader space to think. Another decision we made to hold the readers’ attention was to use some icons from the main map illustration on some of the pages creating a common thread. Sort the content and divide it into chapters, we created a title page to start every chapter with a part of the main illustration poster.

More details about “Cómo crear y gestionar tu proyecto craft”:
Many of us have had brilliant business ideas. Ideas that could become realities. But these ideas are not synonymous with success. Mónica Rodríguez Limia presents a business guide for makers and artisans with the aim of encouraging people who have the desire and ability to start a project. The book acts as a guide to resolve doubts and smooth the way for all those who want to try to fulfill their dream.

Personal experience:
We like enterprising people. We like people who have a dream and go out and get it without giving importance to negative comments. Everyone is a master of his/her own destiny. They can tell you what you shoudn’t do but, if you are the best one in your field, you will always triumph. From Dandelia we wanted to contribute our bit to accompany these brave people through the highlighted objectives. We believe that the guide is not only very interesting but also useful to move forward with a positive mind.


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