May 24, 2017 | editorial design

Client: Columna Publishing in Catalan version.
Order: Illustration, graphic design and layout of the book “Destrossa aquest país” written by Francesc Puigpelat.
Characteristics of the project: Book of 13,5x21, printed in black (1 ink).

“Destrossa aquest país” can not be a seemingly satisfying thing. But with humor any subject can be creative to reach satisfaction. In this book appear all the characters and myths of Catalonia who have an individual and characteristic role. Francesc Puigpelat seeks to laugh at oneself and the country in which we live to shatter it fictitious. We wanted to contribute our touch of humor with illustrations and a graphic design that reinforces the idea of ​​the author to make each character has his section and his own humor. On the other hand we have designed the book thinking of leaving spaces for the reader to interact and participate destroying the country.

– Graphic design and layout of the inside of the book
– Illustrations full of humor to follow the plot line of the book
– Design designed to laugh at the hottest issues in our country.

More details:
Laughing at oneself is the best therapy. Seeing the defects instead of hiding them and being proud of them, shows the self-esteem that you have and that you enjoy. It is brave to be transparent and talk about the good and the bad. That is why this book is created. Even if you are very proud of your country, you have to know the shortcomings of this and the mistakes of a positive perspective so as not to fail to be.

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