DANDÈLIA, Graphic agency

Creativity, decision, organization and effectiveness

Are the qualities that all the projects developed by the Dandèlia team must have, they are features that stand out our most loyal customers, who do not hesitate to entrust us with the challenge that is your brand or company leaving an indelible mark.

The best way we do it is through branding, editorial design and the creation of infographics, the latter, a very powerful format of visual communication, that in the recent years has gained prominence. The illustration, the graphic design in different supports and areas, including the web, help us to complement our services to offer the clear, coherent, and impact generator message that they look for to make their clients fall in love.

Production management and quality control are our added values since we understand that only in this way can we guarantee the optimum results that we promise in our proposals.

Customer service design

What is the message you need to communicate? Who do you want to connect with? What are you looking for? Wanr to generate interest in your brand? Want them to identify your products easily? Make them more attractive to get more sales? 

We know how to listen and we like to do it. It is the only way to establish a strong connection with our clients and to generate the necessary empathy to be able to visually translate in an optimal way what they need, even surpassing their expectations. This is what the word “design” means to us, and going a step further will always be our goal.

Your recognizable brand, your success

Did you know that it is proven that a brand is recognizable when a customer is exposed to it a minimum of about six times? It is only then when it starts to sound familiar and generates enough confidence for it to translate itself into sales. 

Are you going to turn down the opportunity to make yourself noticeable on who you are and what you do? 

Your success is our success, so it is vital for us to act globally in your corporate image, so that each of the impacts generated by your brand speaks unequivocally about you.

Attention, interest, desire and action

We know you are proud of your business. You know what your difference is and which are your strengths, and you want to make yourself more visible and stand out in the market. We know how make this possible. Do we work together to make it happen?

Antònia Arrom, art direction & graphic design

Dandèlia comes from the passion that Antònia Arrom,  its founder, has for graphic and visual communication. The same passion that led her to leave her origins, the island of Mallorca, to come to Barcelona to study Art History at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and later on Graphic Design at UPC and ELISAVA. Since then, the city of Barcelona, which became her new home, has witnessed her evolution over more than 10 years of experience, which has led her to a unique identifiable code that respects the voice of her customers.

Coia Torres, graphic design & motion 3D

Coia joined the team about two years ago. Creative, energetic and always smiling, she has become a key piece in Dandèlia’s day to day. Her young and fresh mind was formed by studying in Elisava, with the Degree in Graphic Design, and, later, in Bau, with the Master in Motion Graphics & Motion 3D. She has always used the summers to take complementary courses like the one she took in the summer of 2013, on Graphic and Editorial design, at the University of the Arts (UAL) of London. Productivity is her best quality.