May 15, 2017 | editorial design, Sin categoría

Client: Columna Publishing for the Catalan version and La Galera Publishing for the Spanish version.
Order: Illustration, graphic design and layout of the book “Contes infantils contra tot pronòstic” written by Empar Moliner.
Characteristics of the project: Book of 15x23, printed in 4 inks.

Empar Moliner did not want to make a normal storybook, she wanted to go further, break with the established and in this book she gets it. Each of us will find the stories that the author has written for her daughter and we can read them to our children, and also short stories, guides to invent them, poems and critic of classic stories versioned for the author. Dandèlia we have designed the book by relating the illustrations of each page to the content. The aesthetic is vintage, which reminds old storybooks. This way we wanted to reinforce the message being aware that the final recipients of these stories will be the youngest but also the parents of these.

– Graphic design and layout of the inside of the book
– Illustrations related to the content of each page.
– Specialized and individual design for each page and for each section of the book.

More details:
Stories play the magic of thought. Going beyond the conventional is what differentiates children from adults. Imagine, dream, live: we should have more in mind these concepts throughout the day because it is what really matters. This book is aimed at parents and children, to share unique and unforgettable moments resting on the pages of the book.

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