“It is fortunate to find people who make our lives so easy! We know that Dandèlia is an extension of our own team, that we can trust them, that with them, the work is well done and with attention to detail.” Our books improve when they pass through their hands. And most importantly: dealing with Dandèlia is a pleasure because they find solutions instead of problems and they make things very simple for us”.

Paula Mariani (Demodé Books)

“Working with Dandèlia has been a delight. They have understood the needs of the Espiadimonis project from the beginning. They have sketched the inicial idea with professionalism, severity and a smile on their faces, creating a quality branding with the special touch of Dandèlia”.

Maria Bertrán (Editor)

Thank you, thank you for your infinite patience, thank you for attending to all our suggestions and creating a book so pretty where you breathe good mood. Thanks to you, the word cancer will never be associated with fear, sadness or despair. Never again will the black colour join the word cancer. Long live the green colour!!“.

Dr. Odile Fernández (Mi Revolución Anticancer)

Working with Dandèlia has been more than easy! The listening, sensitivity and humor of the team connected quickly with our way of doing. We had very clear what we did not want and for this reason we were doubting about whether we had left enough space for the creativity of Dandèlia … In less than a week they presented us three proposals and in three weeks the initial project was closed! They knew how to do the whole process as an easy experience in which everybody felt creative. Undoubtedly, we count with Dandèlia for new projects“.

Elisenda Pallás (SLOYU)

“Working with Dandèlia gives you peace of mind that all ideas and projects are reflected on paper with a high artistic level. The excellent personalized treatment differentiates them”.

Marc Ollé (General Secretary – Adecat)