Apr 3, 2017 | editorial design

Client: Columna Publishing in Catalan.
Order: Design and layout of the book “Bojos per la música dels 80” written by David Picó and Alfred Picó.
Characteristics of the book: Book of 17x24 printed in four inks.

The music does not leave anyone indifferent, and 80 music even less. The undeniable success of some of the authors of that time have made songs falter and still not be heard. Appealing to the nostalgia of a live audience that one of the best eras of music, combined with active and lively spirit of the musical pieces, the goal is to lay the book cover and transmitting these represent attributes.

Design a graphic cover that refers to the period music of the 80s with bright colors, typography and graphic elements.
Relying on the principles of nostalgia, rhythm and 80s to design the book.
Reference graph at the time suffering from a layout images focused on that stage posters, albums and posters of the time.
Represented through the album covers music, a musical journey in joining authors and different types of tastes but with a common element: success.

More details about “Crazy 80’s music”
Music can set the mood of a person and even modify it. No one is accused of not being a participant in the field of music. The 80s were decisive in the world of music and consequently the life of citizens. For this reason, the authors want to make a compilation in book form all the time who lived and experienced people who were young at that time. Nostalgia and music is the combination that can operate as successful as it enters the level of attraction these two terms is supernatural.
In addition, every first Thursday of the month, the authors organized a party of 80 at Luz de Gas is guaranteed to put everyone to sing and dance with joy and devotion.


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