Mar 16, 2017 | editorial design

Client: Planeta Publishing
Order: Layout, design, icons and image collection of the book by nutritionist Ángela Quintas
Characteristics of the book: 17x22 cm printed in four inks.

Ángela Quintas, with a degree in Chemical Sciences and a Master in Diet and Human Nutrition, is the director of her nutrition clinic. After 15 years in the business, the author has published a book to understand the correct way to eat without losing energy. The main objective is in response to all of the questions people have about how to lose weight or how to obtain the ideal body without negative consequences.

A break from the traditional model and focus on the style of a magazine rather than a book.
Mix highlands, graphics, examples, hypothetical cases, technical material and concrete studies for dynamic and attractive reading.
Obtain the book not just to read but to become a reference and practical guide.

More details about “Adelgaza para siempre”:
Many of us have had moments in which we think about losing weight. Many websites report miracle diets to lose weight in a short time and unfortunately many of them are nutritionally incomplete. For this reason, Angela Quintas has created a practical guide containing useful guidelines to follow to safely lose weight.

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