Human being connects with the world principally with the sense of sight, then reads. So, if you want your message to be understood, it is necessary to know some graphic rules. This is our job. But if you are looking for an unbreakable emotional link between your brand and your customer, then you need something more, passion. That’s what we feel about visual communication. That’s Dandèlia.

Specialized in branding and editorial design although we also love designing a variety of projects. If you have some project on your hands and you need graphic service, don’t hesitate to contact us!


ONU, Mobile World Capital Barcelona, ESADE, Editorial Planeta, Columna edicions, El País, Editorial Destino, Editorial Gustavo Gili, Penguin Random House, Cotec, 2BMFG arquitectes, AER, Visionarea, Vecta Global, Arquio studio, Inlab Consulting, Adecat, Demodé books…